Glory Global Solutions recently marked the 30th birthday of its single denomination dispenser. According to a press release, the company launched the device in 1986, and it has since become a “workhorse” in the U.S. retail ATM industry, according to a press release.

A secure and compact single denomination bill-dispensing mechanism, the SDD was recognized in 2008 with the Industry Award for Excellence from the ATM Industry Association and ATM Marketplace.

As the flagship account for SDD, ATM manufacturer Triton Systems has shipped in excess of 130,000 ATMs equipped with the SDD dispenser to customers across the U.S. during its 22-year relationship with Glory.

“Our customers demand the highest levels of availability, security and accuracy and the ATM dispenser is a key factor in allowing us to deliver on this promise,” said Triton VP of Operations and Engineering Terry Asher. “The Glory SDD is a brand we trust. … [This] is why we have worked with Glory for over two decades.”

“We are delighted to continue our positive working relationship with Triton and are proud of the SDD’s ongoing success,” said Mohamad Al Basha, managing director for worldwide OEM solutions at Glory.

Single denomination ATM cash dispenser turns 30