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It was my pleasure a few days ago to attend the 16th — and final — edition of the ATMIA flagship conference, European ATMs.

I have attended every one of the 16 and can confirm that it’s been a very good run. However, the ATM Industry Association must be at the forefront of change, so it is time to move forward, and in a big way. Brand new in 2017, the ATMIA will launch a series of ATM and Cash Innovation conferences and accompanying trade exhibitions.

The European launch will take place June 13 and 14 at the Lancaster London Hotel. This venue was the home of European ATMs but, as with the ATMIA conferences, the venue is being reborn. Between now and next year the hotel will enjoy a multimillion pound renovation.

ATM and Cash Innovation will bring together every strand of the branch innovation, self-service and digital revolutions. The conference will allow industry professionals, including ATMIA members, to take advantage of a “one-stop shop” for all their innovation update, shared-learning and networking requirements.

This new ATMIA European event will showcase innovations from around the world, with a scope unrivaled in terms of either breadth or depth.

So there you have a glimpse of the exciting future.

Before moving on, however, it is appropriate to look back at the 2016 event. The highlights for me were:

  • a wonderful presentation by Jim Grimmer of TD Bank (Canada) and Jonathan Simpson-Dent of Cardtronics, demonstrating how they are working together to ensure ATMs are both fun and extremely reliable to use;
  • a detailed briefing from Ton Roos, the European Central Bank director of banknotes, on the new Euro note issue, which incorporates innovative design features meant to help minimize counterfeiting;
  • an address by Erwin Gladisch, a director at Deutsche Bundesbank, who made clear his — and the bank’s — continuing belief in the importance of cash as a reliable payment method and store of value;
  • a speech by Ciko Thomas, a group managing executive from South Africa’s Nedbank, who told a rapt audience how his bank has completely modernized sales and service interactions with customers. This includes ensuring that access to cash meets customer expectations and the bank’s needs for cost-efficiency. It was heartening to hear how a bank supplying massive volumes of cash to customers can enjoy solid profitability; and
  • a presentation by Dinko Lucic, a management board member at Privedna Banka Zagreb, who emphasised just how important ATMs are to the bank as a cost-effective sales channel. Banka Zagreb’s ability to run profitable ATMs must be of great interest to many financial institutions around the planet.

I also thoroughly enjoyed a compelling presentation by James Shepherd-Barron, a humanitarian adviser to the ATMIA. James introduced the association’s Cash in Crises Initiative in which the industry works with aid donors, charities and other organizations to ensure that cash can be made available securely and conveniently to aid recipients in crises areas.

The ATMIA has launched an appeal for funding to support this initiative. More information can be found and donations made on the ATMIA website at

That was 2016: A sense of completion and a job well done. Now on to 2017 and that exciting future!

The dynamic ATMIA team are delighted to be working with new conference partners, Reconnaissance International, to deliver a number of shiny new conferences around the world.

As mentioned earlier, the new European Flagship event, ATM and Cash Innovation, will be staged in London June 13 and 14. The conference and trade exhibition will welcome visitors from more than 60 countries. It is a truly international gathering of industry professionals that no one will want to miss!

You’ll find regular updates on the event pages at Please start marking your calendars now!

ATMIA conferences move onward — and upward