The ATM Industry Association has appointed Andrew Dean to manage ATMIA India, the organization’s newest chapter.

Dean heads ATMIA activities in Africa and will continue to do so while applying his knowledge of developing markets to drive member participation and value in India, a press release said.

“India has a large and diverse banking sector with more than 20 banks operating over 2,000 ATMs each,” Dean said. “There’s been growth of over 7 percent in the number of ATMs in just the past nine months.”

The combined populations of India and Africa come to more than 2.3 billion — roughly 30 percent of the global total. Both markets are experiencing growth rates exceeding 20 percent for formal financial services.

According to the press release, ATMIA India and ATMIA Africa present a valuable opportunity to explore best practices for balancing branch, ATM, agent, mobile and other channels in urban and rural domains, and within territories with low ATM penetration.

Currently India and sub-Saharan Africa count 20 ATMs and 10 ATMs, respectively, per 100,000 adults. These rates compare with a world average of more than 43 ATMs per 100,000 adults.

“In India, there’s a strong opportunity for a global banking association to support industry-level conversations that promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the ATM industry,” said ATMIA CEO Mike Lee.

In his newly expanded role, Dean will be responsible for extending ATMIA support to existing members, while promoting conversations about retail banking strategies, ATMs and self-service devices in India.

Stakeholders in the ATM and retail banking industries in India, or those who offer services to these industries in India, are encouraged to contact ATMIA to discuss how the organization can support their interests in best practices, training, advocacy and other industry-related areas.

ATMIA appoints director for fast-growing Indian ATM market