Wells Fargo has endorsed a solution by cash automation specialist CFM for integrating cash dispensers and recyclers with teller platforms.

The endorsement follows the signing by the two organizations of a multiyear partnership agreement, according to a press release.

Jonathan Velline, executive vice president of store strategy at Wells Fargo, said that the bank faced the challenge of integrating a large, multivendor, multimodel fleet of teller cash dispensers and recyclers.

“We had three challenges we were trying to solve: how to integrate them better with our teller system; how to get information of usability and device health; and finally, how to create one process that works across all those different models — I need one process, one set of software,” he said. “CFM is the solution that addressed all of those needs.”

According to CFM Chief Disruption Officer Nathan Moore, “The key to success was providing a true choice in hardware and full visibility to the utilization and health of every piece of hardware connected to the system.”

Wells Fargo adopts, endorses solution integrating teller platforms, cash automation hardware