The ATM Industry Association has published a new industry guide, “Alternative Operating System Case Studies.”

The new guide examines the features, specifications and advantages of Linux ATMs and Android ATMs, as well as WinCE-based retail ATMs, to provide a picture for strategic analysis and preparation by deployers contemplating next generation ATMs, a press release said.

“ATMIA has provided various industry forums for exploring and studying non-Microsoft alternative operating systems, of which the two most promising for ATMs of the future are Linux and Android,” ATMIA CEO Mike Lee said in the release. “In an increasingly software-centric business world, as we contemplate ATMs of the 2020s, the various migration paths being discussed in industry conversations around the world these days are nothing less than critical.”

The study was authored by award-winning industry consultant Eric de Putter, Managing Partner of Payments Redesign, with input from the ATMIA next-generation ATM architecture committee.

New study weighs alternative ATM operating systems