RMS Group Services, a Northern Ireland-based provider of cash-in-transit and cash processing services, has teamed with Amsterdam-based Transtrack International, a provider of software solutions and business services for cash management, to centralize and automate its cash processes.

RMS will use Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity software to automate cash center and transport operations, integrating both processes to achieve greater of efficiency and visibility within the cash supply chain, according to a press release.

CWC replaces several other IT systems at RMS to become the company’s central system for managing all cash processes and operational data, increasing the traceability of the packages.

The inventory management functionality provides real-time visibility on stock positions per denomination, quality and stock-owner across sites. Bills to be charged to the client are automatically calculated, reducing time and errors.

RMS customers can place online orders and view their status in real time using the CWC web portal.

“CWC supports our mission to provide the highest standards of service, delivering value, quality and innovation to all customers,” said Tony McAleenan, group finance director at RMS Group Services. “This is exactly what we needed to support our growth expectations and maintain our leadership position.”

Irish CIT firm teams with Transtrack for centralized cash management