The ATM Industry Association unveiled its “WithdrawCashWednesday” campaign Wednesday, an initiative to encourage consumers to increase their cash use during the holiday shopping season this year and beyond.

Raymond Ching, marketing director at NationalLink, raised the idea during the International Marketing Forum at the 2016 ATMIA U.S. conference, according to a press release.

Ching said the idea of a “holiday” to promote cash use stemmed from consumers’ need for cash during the holiday season and the difficulty many holiday shoppers encounter in trying to budget their purchases when using noncash payment methods.

According to ATMIA CEO Mike Lee, the goal of WithdrawCashWednesday is “to help raise awareness of ATMs, promote the cash economy and combat the negative press being put out by card networks that cash is dead.”

Since last June, the WithdrawCashWednesday founding partners have volunteered their time to ready the campaign for a 2017 launch. The partners include: ATMIA; Blanda Marketing and Public Relations; MoneyPass Network; NationalLink Inc.; Pueblo Bank & Trust; and Strategic Marketing.

WithdrawCashWednesday will be observed on Wednesday Nov. 22 and all subsequent Wednesdays through the holidays.

“It is important to raise awareness about the convenience and safety cash provides for consumers,” Alicia Blanda, IMF chair and CEO of Blanda Marketing and Public Relations, said in the release.

Benefits highlighted in the campaign include:

  • budgeting assistance — cash offers a tactile and visual evaluation of available funds;
  • time savings — many retailers have cash only lines for checkout;
  • zero interest and fees — by using cash, shoppers can avoid post holiday interest payments on credit accounts and overdraft fees on debit accounts; and
  • security — following high-profile data breaches at trusted big-box stores, consumers are wary about the theft of their card data at the POS. With cash, there is no such worry.

In the release, Lee encouraged all ATM operators and merchants to join in the effort to raise awareness of the positive benefits of cash use, and he congratulated the MoneyPass Surcharge Free Network for being first sponsor for WithdrawCashWednesday.

“MoneyPass is excited to be a part of the new pro cash initiative,” said Doug Miraglia, president of the network. “This is another great concept from the ATMIA that will provide significant benefit for all involved, and MoneyPass is proud to participate as a founding member and platinum sponsor.”

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ATMIA consumer campaign plugs the many benefits of cash