iTellio, a cloud-based ATM management platform for independent ATM deployers, has teamed with Morphis Inc. to deliver a cash forecasting solution for small and mid-size IADs.

This integration gives IADs enterprise level capability at an affordable price via the iTellio software-as-a-solution suite of tools, according to a press release.

“Cash forecasting is just as important for the ATM deployer with less than 100 terminals as it is for the IAD with over 1,000 terminals,” said iTellio CEO and Co-founder Eric Fondren, in the release. “In fact, it may be even more crucial, since the smaller IAD is more likely to use their own cash or pay more for vaulting agreements due to their size.”

The iTellio-Morphis collaboration helps an ATM operator to predict cash use more accurately. Combined with the other features of iTellio, this can mean less downtime and more revenue, the release said.

“By layering Morphis’ cash management technology on top of iTellio’s already rich user interface, we can now put our world-class ATM cash management solution within reach of even the smallest operators,” Morphis CEO Gary Faulkner said in the release. “By partnering with iTellio, we are able to extend our reach to provide smaller ATM operators with a solution that fits their needs but at a price that is scaled down for the little guy.”

ITellio was formed in 2015 when independent ATM deployer FreeATM, began to offer its  proprietary ATM management software in an SaaS format. The iTellio solution allows IADs to diagnose device errors remotely, reboot ATMs, push out marketing content, review historical transaction records and predict terminal-specific cash use from any internet-enabled device.

iTellio, Morphis partner to integrate solutions for ATM, cash management