Mexican payments processor and kiosk manufacturer Automatic Payment Systems is launching its first cash-recycling ATM, the Quickpay300, to serve Mexican financial institutions seeking increased automation capabilities.

The cash recycling feature of the Quickpay300 will help FIs reduce operational costs and administrative activities by extending the time between ATM replenishments, APS said in a press release.

The Quickpay300 can be ordered with an additional bill dispenser, increasing capacity in high-volume locations. Additional capabilities include biometric identification, NFC and barcode readers.

The Quickpay300 connects to real-time monitoring that allows the deployer to control all of the machines via a secure interface where. Using APS business intelligence system FIs can retrieve data from machines in local, regional and national branches with a few clicks, the release said.

Mexico’s APS rolls out Quickpay300 cash-recycling ATM