PNC Bank has rolled out its portable “tiny branch” on the University of Kentucky campus.

And tiny is no understatement. Squeezed into a converted steel shipping container, the branch measures 20 feet by 8 feet — 160 square feet in total — according to a press release.

Technically, the tiny branch is temporary, on site for the duration as PNC works to complete construction on a new branch in the student center by 2018. PNC is the official bank of the University of Kentucky, serving students, faculty and staff. In addition to the tiny branch, the FI has eight ATMs on the UK campus.

“Branch convenience remains the No. 1 consideration when consumers choose their bank,” said John Gohmann, PNC regional president in Lexington. “The tiny branch is a fun, creative way to help customers enhance their banking experience.”

The tiny branch features universal bankers with iPads who stand ready to help customers with a full range of services, including new accounts, personal loans, PNC investments, mortgages, business banking and other products, the release said.

For routine transactions, the branch offers 24/7 access to a smart DepositEasy ATM with multidenomination note dispensing capability.

Fittingly, customers can make tiny withdrawals — as little as $1 — from the ATM at the tiny branch. They can also use the machine to cash checks or to deposit checks and cash into their account.

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