Johannes and Margit Sautner will tell you they’ve been married “for a long time” — well before Johannes launched Sautner & Partner, a Vienna, Austria-based supplier of software solutions for the cash supply chain.

While Johannes worked to field Austria’s currency change from schilling to euro, developed cash-in-transit software, and helped CIT providers and ATM operators better manage their cash, Margit worked as a legal expert for data protection and data security.

Eventually, she would opt to stay home with the couple’s children for some years before joining the business to work with her husband in 2007.

After more than 10 years of dedicated teamwork from Johannes and Margit, Sautner & Partner enters its third decade with the expectation of many more years to come.

Partners in life and business, Margit and Johannes Sautner

The hours can be long, but the partners take pride in building a company known for top-quality products and services.As a team, Johannes and Margit have worked to grow their business into a solid, enduring company capable of serving CIT and ATM operators internationally.

In the past decade, Sautner & Partner has expanded beyond the Austrian market to Switzerland, Slovenia and Germany, and with plans and infrastructure in place to push even further — into Italy, Hungary and other nations.

Working with a spouse brings added benefits to a business, according to the Sautners.

“You focus on the same goals,” said Margit. “You are a team and it brings you closer together. Of course, you are also together all of the time and you will have differences of opinion.”

Partnering in business also allows the Sautners to combine personal travel and work when they attend industry events.

“We can choose to go as an exhibitor or delegate,” said Johannes. “When we travel, we go together and usually combine the trip with two or three holidays for pleasure.”

These days, the duo devotes most their time to Sautner & Partner, often losing track of time and working quite late. “We are lucky some of our local restaurants are open until one,” Johannes said.

Margit agreed, saying, “Yes, but with both of the children out of the house, the only one to miss us is our cat!”

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How the Sautners came to have a thriving cash logistics business … and a lonely cat