Cummins Allison, a provider of ATMs and coin, currency and check processing solutions has teamed with Wescom Credit Union, of Pasadena, California, to add self-service coin machines from Cummins Allison at the CU’s 22 branch locations.

“We have been transforming our branches — relocating and designing them to reflect today’s modern approach to banking, and that includes incorporating new technology,” Wescom VP of Operations Kathie Chism said in a press release.

Wescom, a $3 billion FI serving more than 200,000 members, has offered coin-counting services since 2006. But after 10 years, its coin machines were beginning to show wear. The CU set out to find new coin-counting machines that offered:

  • quieter operation;
  • better reliability; and
  • direct deposit.

Wescom selected the Money Machine 2 from Cummins Allison, a self-service unit with 16-capacity bags. Features include quieter machine operation, front-door configuration and a smaller footprint that allows for better space utilization.

“The ability to accommodate direct deposit has been a real boon for members and staff alike,” Chism said in the release. “It’s a better banking experience when the machine immediately credits member accounts, and eliminates the need to reconcile misplaced or damaged deposit tickets.”

Another benefit of the Cummins Allison machine is its reporting function, Chism said. “We’re able to pull reports on demand, know that we’re in balance, and see what our coin machine capacity is at all times.”


California CU delivers ‘better banking experience’ with direct-deposit coin counters