Japan’s Shimane Shinkin Bank has announced plans to introduce its first mobile ATM in November to serve elderly Japanese in rural areas without access to bank ATMs.

The Shimane Shinkin ATM van will offer banking services that include not only cash withdrawal, but also cash and check deposit, payment services and passbook updating, according to areport by Japanese Times.

“We hope to improve our services as much as possible in areas without bank outlets or convenience stores,” a Shimane Shinkin official told the publication.

The mobile ATM is manufactured by Oki Electric Industry Co.; the company expects to produce 1,000 units over the next three years at an average cost per unit of 10 million yen ($91,827), the Times said.

Two other Japanese FIs, Bank of Kyoto and Nanto Bank, already operate mobile ATM vans, the report said.

Japanese FI to roll out mobile ATM to serve rural, elderly customers