The National ATM Council Inc., on behalf of the U.S. ATM industry, has launched a petition drive requesting that Visa authorize dynamic currency conversion at ATMs in the United States.

“The U.S. ATM industry and the millions of consumers we serve daily throughout the U.S. will greatly benefit from Visa allowing DCC to be made available at ATMs in America on an expedited basis,” NAC Executive Director Bruce Reynard said in a press release. “Our industry anticipates and appreciates Visa’s prompt and positive consideration of this important and sensitive industry request.”

DCC provides a beneficial service for consumers, allowing them the choice to complete cash withdrawals in their own currency, the release said.

Consumer demand for DCC is evident in the widespread use of DCC at U.S. ATMs by international MasterCard cardholders, NAC said. Visa currently supports DCC at ATMs in other nations, but does not currently allow operators in the United States to offer the value-added service.

The petition drive will continue to collect electronic e-signatures through Nov. 1. The petition will then be presented to Visa for responsive action, the release said.

Industry petitions Visa to end prohibition of DCC at US ATMs