Transtrack International, a provider of cash management software solutions, has implemented a fully automated IT solution for cash center and cash-in-transit services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Transtrack partnered with Saudi cash-handling specialist Sanid Co. to achieve the first such implementation in the kingdom for its CIT services, according to a press release.

“Deploying the software from Transtrack was a key strategy to enrich the offering to our customers, achieving genuine savings and quality improvements for our network,” Sanid Deputy CEO Ahmed Al Muhaimeed said in the release. “We look forward for the next phase of the project.”

The partners say they have proven that their automated solution allows multiple parties to share the cost, risk and service provision of a single cash center or operator, leading to reduced cost and improved service for all parties. Cash management activities — from note sorting to reconciliation to optimization — were automated using the Transtrack technology.

“We are happy to be part of this big moment in the Saudi cash industry, our goal is always to re-vitalize cash operations and bring industry best practices using [CashWebCommunity software]. In Saudi Arabia, the endeavor continues, as our next step is to integrate the ATM, retail cash point and incident-handling business functions of Sanid using our CWC solution.” Transtrack CEO Ronald van Vliet said.

Transtrack cash management solution aims to streamline CIT service in Saudi Arabia