Co-op Financial Services is performing ATM terminal driving upgrades intended to strengthen security, simplify navigation and enable new transactions.

According to a press release, Co-op is the first credit union payments processor to support Diebold Vista 5.1 or higher ATMs.

The advanced ATM interface mimics a smartphone display with touchscreen options that quickly and intuitively guide members through an ATM transaction.

Features include:

  • Card-before-cash option — returns the members’ debit card before dispensing cash, helping to prevent left-behind cards.
  • Bill-mix option — allows a member to determine banknote denominations in their cash withdrawals.
  • Balance inquiry option — lets the member perform a balance inquiry before making other transactions.
  • Enhanced user interface — expands search options for members while delivering the ease and intuitiveness of a smartphone display.

New enhancements are also available for NCR Edge 5.0 or higher ATMs, supporting the card-before-cash and bill-mix options, the release said.

Co-op also offers the functionality of shared branching on selected Diebold ATMs, providing full account access and transactions that normally require a live teller. Thse enhancements are available for use by credit unions participating in Co-op Shared Branch, providing a self-service option for members visiting a branch not operated by their home CU.

The automated teller enhancements include EMV enablement for greater security, and compatibility with proprietary Co-op Shared Branch express kiosks.

Additionally, enhanced credit union search capability allows visiting CU members to initiate transactions more quickly and with less time spent keying in data.

Co-op upgrades ATM terminal driving software