Visiting China soon? If so, here’s a tourist tip: If you need cash, head to a public toilet, where you can make an ATM withdrawal and (ahem) a deposit.

This unusual combination of facilities is one of the achievements of China’s “Toilet Revolution,” according to the China Internet Information Center, an outlet for government press releases.

Since 2015, local governments have spent nearly 20 billion yuan ($3.02 billion) to build new public toilets and renovate old ones, the release said.

Today, a small but growing number of public toilets have ATMs, Wi-Fi networks, electric vehicle charging pylons and first-aid kits, among other amenities.

A recently-released mobile app, “National Public Toilet Cloud,” collects information about public toilets across the country and helps users find the nearest one with the assistance of navigation apps.


ATMs in China’s ‘Toilet Revolution’ give new meaning to ‘flush with cash’