Customers of Fifth Third Bank can now withdraw cash from the bank’s ATMs without using a bankcard.

According to a report at, the bank has enabled the functionality on its entire fleet of 2,500 ATMs across a 10-state region.

The new feature is accessed through the bank’s mobile app. The user opens the app, chooses an account for the withdrawal and then taps the cardless ATM icon on the screen.

At the ATM, the user touches the screen to “wake” the machine, which identifies the user’s smartphone and displays a unique barcode. The customer scans this code using the mobile app, and is prompted to enter a PIN on the ATM to dispense the cash.

“This new feature connects two channels our customers use frequently — our mobile app and Fifth Third ATMs,” Melissa Stevens,  chief digital officer at Fifth Third, told the publication.

Fifth Third ATMs enabled for cardless cash withdrawal